Ozzy Osbourne revealed in an Instagram post that he will release a new edition of the song ‘Hellraiser’ to honor Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister.

The song ‘Hellraiser’ was featured in Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘No More Tears’ album, which he released as his sixth solo record in 1991. After the release, the album achieved commercial success and was considered one of the best-selling solo albums of Osbourne.

Motörhead’s bassist and vocalist Lemmy Kilmister contributed to the album by writing the lyrics for six songs. However, only four of them found themselves in the album. One of these songs was ‘Hellraiser,’ and Motörhead later recorded this track as a single. Moreover, Lemmy also appeared in the song’s music video, playing poker against Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.

According to Ozzy Osbourne’s recent Instagram post, the musician has released a new 30th-anniversary edition of ‘Hellraiser.’ In the post, Ozzy stated that the song includes a mash-up of vocals from him and his long-time friend Lemmy Kilmister. Along with that, he also included a photo of himself and Lemmy in his post.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Instagram post read:

“More than 30 years after the release of ‘NO MORE TEARS,’ music fans will, at last, hear a new version of the album’s ‘Hellraiser,’ the first-ever official version of the song with a mash-up of vocals from Ozzy and the song’s co-writer, a longtime friend and colleague Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead.”

Below, you can check out the photo Ozzy posted and the new edition of ‘Hellraiser.’

Photo Credit: Ozzy Osbourne – Instagram