Aimée Osbourne, the daughter of the frontman of the iconic band Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, revealed the reason for purposely choosing not to appear on the popular MTV show about her family, ‘The Osbournes.’ during a recent interview.

‘The Osbournes’ is a reality tv program featuring the domestic life of Ozzy Osbourne, his equally famous wife Sharon Osbourne, and his family. The show premiered on MTV in 2020 and gained huge success from its first season becoming the most-viewed series ever on MTV.

During a recent interview, Aimée Osbourne opened up about her debut album titled ‘Vacare Adamaré’ and revealed the story behind each song in the album. Aimée also stated that while she was exposed to so many different types of music, she responded to the more avant-garde atmospheric genres.

Aimée Osbourne also revealed the reason behind choosing to stay away from spotlights and ‘The Osbournes’ during the interview. Aimée stated that coming from a famous family is a challenge and she wanted to be respected in the music industry just because of being herself rather than being a famous Osbourne.

Here is what Aimée Osbourne said:

“In regards to why I didn’t really want to do the whole spotlight thing, I always from a very young age knew what I wanted to do and knew what I was really drawn to. And it just wasn’t in alignment with the flip side of what can come with coming from a well-known family name like that.

And I really more than anything wanted to be respected and taken seriously in the music world. And I kind of felt that maybe in a lot of ways it was making my life much harder, but I really wanted to feel like I had earned that and done that myself without, I guess in a way, taking the easy way.”

She added:

“And also I had very specific standards and boundaries and morals when it comes to my personal life because I’ve seen firsthand what letting those slip can do to your day-to-day life and your family and your children and all of those kinds of things. And that’s just not something that I was willing to set myself up for.”

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