The daughter of Black Sabbath’s legendary musician Ozzy Osbourne and also known as The Prince of Darkness, Kelly Osbourne, has made an important statement about the recent health situation of her father, Ozzy, via her official and verified Instagram account.

An entertainment and celebrity website named Radar Online has shared an unexpected report about Ozzy Osbourne and claimed that he’s on his death bed right now.

In addition, Radar Online also claimed that Black Sabbath’s frontman is in such dire straits and he didn’t even recognize the identity of his wife, Sharon. Click here to reach the source of the report.

Today, Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly Osbourne had to make a statement after that rumors about the latest simulation of her father via Instagram Stories.

She has denied all allegations over the health status of her father and added that Ozzy is just fine. Here’s the statement of Kelly Osbourne:

“Today I had a wonderful start to 2020. I went out to launch with my family. Then I spent the rest of the day launching and hanging out with my dad.

I come home to read sickening articles about my dad supposedly being on his ‘death bed’ sometimes the media makes me sick!!

It’s no secret that my dad has had a rough year when it comes to his health but come the F*CK on this is utter bullsh*t.”

You can see the statement of Kelly Osbourne right below.