Black Sabbath co-founder Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly Osbourne posted a couple of new videos on her Instagram Stories yesterday and confessed that she drank alcohol after being sober for more than four years.

As you may already remember, last year Kelly had an interview with ‘Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn’ podcast and shared her long-time battle with alcoholism. Kelly stated that she was a functioning alcoholic and she started drinking heavily after the unexpected death of her co-star on Fashion Police, Joan Rivers.

This week, Kelly admitted that she setback in her sobriety after four years and she will do a new podcast to reveal how it all happened. She also stated that she will not drink neither today nor tomorrow and she will not ever lie to her fanbase.

Here is what Kelly said in her Instagram Stories:

“This is a little hard for me to talk about, but I’ve always promised you that I will always be honest with you about where I’m at and what’s going on in my road to recovery.

I relapsed. Not proud of it. But I am back on track and I will be doing a podcast this week where I will be telling everyone what’s been going on and what happened.”

She continued:

“I just want to let you know that I am sober today and I will be sober tomorrow. But I’ve learned it truly is one day at a time, and I just wanted to tell you guys the truth because I never, ever want to lie to you.”

You can watch the video below.

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