Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly Osbourne recently shared a photo with Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson on her official Instagram stories. After the rumors of the two being a couple, Kelly confirmed their relationship by celebrating Wilson’s birthday.

It was reported that Kelly Osbourne was dating cinematographer Erik Bragg for a year during coronavirus lockdown until their split in October 2021. The news wasn’t announced by Kelly, but multiple sources confirmed their breakup.

Last week, Kelly Osbourne shared a picture with DJ Sid Wilson on her official Instagram stories, and the two looked pretty close, as in one of them, Wilson was kissing Osbourne on her cheek.

The other photo showed the pair resting their heads close together while looking up at the camera. While these pictures sparked the relationship rumors within the past week, neither Kelly nor Sid made a public announcement regarding their romance.

However, a recent post on Kelly’s Instagram stories has confirmed her affair with Slipknot’s Sid Wilson. The reality TV star shared a photo with her new boyfriend as she celebrated Wilson’s 45th birthday.

The new couple was spotted hugging each other, and they both looked delighted with big smiles on their faces. Furthermore, Kelly referred to Wilson as her ‘baby’ in the picture’s caption, which proved their blossoming affair for good.

Kelly’s caption in her story follows:

“Happy birthday baby!”

You can check out the Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Kelly Osbourne – Instagram