Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and the reality tv show star, Sharon Osbourne, shared a story on her official Instagram page announcing that her test for COVID-19 is negative.

As you might remember Sharon Osbourne, on an episode of The Talk, revealed that her granddaughter Minnie is tested positive for COVID-19. Osbourne stated that the rest of the family was tested negative and Minnie was doing okay. Just three days after this reveal, Osbourne announced another granddaughter of hers, Andy Rose, is tested positive.

After this shocking news, Osbourne once again stated that her family is fine and both Minnie and Andy Rose are surprisingly doing well. While there has not been another explanation from the Osbourne family on another positive test for COVID-19, Sharon Osbourne stated that every member is tested and turned out negative.

Since Sharon Osbourne did not specifically explain who was tested and came out negative in her family, every member was a curiosity for the fans. Kelly Osbourne recently shared an Instagram story of her coronavirus test and it turns out that she is also negative. She erased the doubts on fans’ minds and one member is surely negative for COVID-19.

You can see the Instagram story of Kelly Osbourne below.

Photo Credit: Kelly Osbourne – Instagram Stories