Kelly Osbourne, who is a fashion designer and daughter of Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne, released a new post on her official Instagram account to touch upon an important matter related to the transgender community.

Initially, Kelly shared a post to remind her fans that we are in Transgender Awareness Week and announced that she will give control of her Instagram account to the members of the transgender community to make their voices heard.

After announcing this, there were six more posts about the topic and all of them were trying to explain the difficulties transgender people face in daily life and encouraging people about not being afraid of who they really are.

While helping them to make their voice heard, Kelly also showed her support to the transgender community and proved what a humble person she is. In this way, she earned the respect of the community.

Here is the first post that Kelly Osbourne shared:

“Stay Tuned! In honor of Transgender Awareness Week, things are about to get super happy around here! Trans Take Over Operation Osbourne is getting a new kind of hero!”

You check out the post below and click here to reach out to the rest of the statements.