Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee spoke in an interview with Cobras & Fire and explained why it was never fun to parting with Ozzy Osbourne.

He said “when Ozzy is sober, is a sweet, funny guy”, but after he drunk… Jake spoke:

“It was never fun to party with Ozzy… Ozzy, when he’s sober, is a sweet, funny guy. He’s like one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. He’s just fun to be around when he’s sober. And he is for a little bit, just a tiny bit of a window there, where he starts drinking and he’s still fun.

Then he just … a switch goes off and he’s just, he’s not fun. He is not fun. He turns mean. And just ugly… If anything, seeing that made me cut back on the amount of partying I did. Yeah, it never was fun to party with Ozzy.”

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Three days ago, he revealed the how much money he earned from Ozzy Osbourne’s band at the beginning. Here’s the statement:

“I was young and back in those days there was little information about how the music business works and I trusted people. I was told from the beginning I would get my fair share of the writing credits and publishing and I took them at my word which was a mistake but it was never about the money.

When I first joined the band I’m pretty sure I got paid about $100 dollars a weekbut it would incrementally go up because they weren’t sure about me. Then it doubled and it would keep doubling and so on until I proved myself and I didn’t care. I went from having no money and no band to being in Ozzy I didn’t give a shit about the money and I didn’t even give a shit about getting paid on Bark at the Moon album I just wanted credit.

I remember I was going to get $5000 to record Bark at the Moon and get writing credit and publishing. But when I finally got the contract they threw in another $10,000 to make up for the no having writing and publishing.

In regards to not having publishing on that song Bark at the moon, just low balling, for my portion would have been $250,000 just for that song not having publishing on it. Which means there was about $250,000 that Ozzy got that instead of me. It’s a lot of money but I am not bitter about it. “

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