Ozzy Osbourne’s lead guitarist Zakk Wylde spoke in an interview with Metal Hammer, and revealed the albums that changed his life.

He said that ‘Lady Gaga’s The Fame album changed his life’. Here’s the statement:

“I think Lady Gaga is fucking awesome. Have you ever seen her play piano? She’ll sit down and really throw down something. Aside from all the crazy outfits, she’s a really fucking good musician and she writes all that shit too.

Check out YouTube, ‘Lady Gaga Led Zeppelin’. It’s her with dark hair playing in a little club in a cover band, before she became Lady Gaga.”

On Led Zeppelin, he said:

“Well the residuals from White Christmas are still coming in, so that or the soundtrack to Grease would be pretty fucking good too, I reckon – we’d be sitting in my Learjet right now. I’m trying to think of records I really love… I would say any Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin album, you can really pick any one.”

On Black Sabbath’s “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” album, he said:

“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was killer. I remember the sleeve photos on [follow-up album] Sabotage, and Ozzy saying [adopts Birmingham accent], ‘Look at the state of me in this fucking outfi t; I look like a fucking homo in a kimono’. I told him, ‘I always thought you were Bill Ward,’ ’cos I didn’t know who was who on the photo!’”

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