The legendary Black Sabbath icon and also known as Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne has posted a really rare photo of his own when he was drinking b**r via his verified Twitter account.

He wrote a pretty message with this photo, and said that:

“Have a great weekend!”

 A fan named Vamplified said that:

“Enjoyed your w*ne. It reminded me of my blood on high cholesterol medicine. I called my mom n’ said that I could feel the drug like suds running through my veins.

I’m that sensitive… can’t take many pharmaceuticals however, I did enjoy a little of your eclipse wine with friends.”

Another fan named Scope commented:

“So addicted to this filthy Floyd Rosenberg, Seymour Duncan Zebra JB/’59 loaded beast…

She has a pallette of tone ranging from Angelic & Heavenly to downright Demonic & Hellish!”

You can see the Tweet and fans reactions below.

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