The legendary Black Sabbath frontman who is also known as The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, posted a recent photo on his official and verified Instagram page.

While thousands of people commented on the sarcastic photo of Ozzy, one of the users who wrote his thoughts was his lovely son, Jack Osbourne.

As you might remember, there were a bunch of rumors going around on social media and some kind of news sites that claims Ozzy’s on his death bad for a while.

Earlier this month, Ozzy Osbourne’s lovely daughter Kelly Osbourne responded to these rumors and wrote this:

“I come home to read sickening articles about my dad supposedly being on his ‘death bed’ sometimes the media makes me sick!!

It’s no secret that my dad has had a rough year when it comes to his health but come the F*CK on this is utter bullsh*t.”

As Ozzy is giving a message to the followers that he’s solid as a rock, his other kid, Jack supported his father with an ironic message. He also managed to write the most-liked comment of the post.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne wrote in the caption:

“Read any good news lately?”

Jack responded to that post:

“Wait what?? I thought you were meant to be on your death bed?

What are you doing up?”

Another user named doobstryker_ shared his anger with the news:

“Read some stupid news that you were dying.”

Check out the photo right below.

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Read any good news lately?

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