Ozzy Osbourne’s son, Jack Osbourne, posted a video on his Instagram account and shared his experience of taking a COVID-19 test on the set of ‘Portals to Hell’.

As you may know, Jack Osbourne has pursued a similar career like his father, Ozzy Osbourne, as an artist but instead of music, he has preferred to continue his career as a media presence.

COVID-19 hit everyone in the whole industry, including those in the media sector such as Jack. Currently, Jack is filming the second season of the travel-series ‘Portals to Hell‘ in which he co-stars with paranormal researcher Katrina Weidman.

In ‘Portals to Hell,’ Jack and Katrina travel to different places to investigate the world’s most haunted locations where they believe that they can find the gateways to the spirit world. As filming requires a high number of people working together, producers require employees and stars to take a COVID-19 test regularly to ensure that there is no risk on the set.

It seems like Jack has gotten so used to taking the COVID-19 test that he now he has come to the point of self-administering his tests. In the video that he recently posted on his Instagram, he shared his experience of self-administering a COVID-19 test.

While he’s taking the test, one can hear his co-workers laughing when he gets uncomfortable and telling him ‘that’s how you know it works.’ Also, when he’s putting the long cotton swab up his nose, one of his co-workers says ‘put it in there, you have such a brain.’

It is quite obvious how uncomfortable the test makes Jack, but the fact that COVID-19 is being taken so seriously in sets has made a lot of Jack’s fans feel content and relieved.

Here’s what Jack said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Production live is so glamorous in this bullshit age of COVID. Nothing like a self-administered test on set. It really gets the blood pumping.”

You can check out the video that Jack Osbourne posted on his Instagram account below.