Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, has shared her pain about Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark’s death.

As we all know, Steve Clark was found dead in his girlfriend’s house on January 8, 1991. After an autopsy, it was announced that he lost his life due to the overdose of drugs and alcohol.

British rock and roll photographer Ross Halfin has shared a recent photo on his official Instagram page, commemorating the 29th anniversary of Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark’s death.

Here’s what Ross Halfin wrote:

“Steve Clark died today 29 years ago. The same day as Bowie was born and 2 days before he also died. I didn’t know Bowie, but I did know Clark well.

Looking back it always makes you feel sad, I saw him a month before he died and it was like talking to a person I didn’t even know.

What a waste of someone’s life. All that rubbish about “Steamin’ Steve Clark” and “White Lightning” – he was an alcoholic and didn’t want any help. #rosshalfin #steveclark #defleppard”

After Halfin shared this photo and caption, Sharon Osbourne headed the comment section to show her love and respect for the late rocker.

Here’s what Sharon Osbourne wrote:

“Ross let’s hope his soul is at peace 💙”

Also, an Instagram user named ccontente commented and wrote this:

“Thanks for those pics. You always remember him. 🤘”

See the Instagram photo below.