Sharon Osbourne, who is the wife and manager of the legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne, revealed their two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter, Minnie, tests positive for Covid-19 while she was explaining why she was co-hosting ‘The Talk’ through video chat and not in the studio, live.

Because of Covid-19 life we knew has changed and so has entertainment industry. Covid-19 almost killed the show-business and making a tv show is now needs more effort and it is risky.

Sharon Osbourne took her part in ‘The Talk’ via video link. She did not go to the studio even though she was negative, however, she did not take the risk. The Osbourne Family seems to took all the precautions they could have against Covid-19. Yet one of the members of the family now has Covid-19, Minnie.

She explains how Minnie and everyone in the family, her mother and father, Jack Osbourne, are doing okay now and their tests for Covid-19 come out negative. Sharon thinks her granddaughter caught it from somebody that works for her son. She also says only one week left for her quarantine before starting the show again.

About Covid-19, earlier this month, Ozzy made it clear that he will not have a coronavirus vaccine despite his Parkinson’s disease which puts him at great risk.

He said about the vaccine:

“You can give me anything, but I’m not gonna be number one on that fucking new vaccine. I don’t want to be the first one to wake up with a set of fucking antlers in the morning.”

Here is what she said about Minnie:

“I was meant to be in studio…and then, unfortunately, one of my granddaughters has come down with COVID.”

And also about Covid-19:

”And as I say, I don’t have it. I keep testing negative, but, you know, you have to be safe.”

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