Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne’s wife and also the host of the daily TV show named The Talk, Sharon Osbourne, has posted a new tweet on her official Twitter account today and responded to the claims of her former associate from the show, Holly Robinson Peete.

As you might already know, yesterday, former ‘The Talk’ host Holly Robinson Peete has claimed that Sharon complained that she was too ‘ghetto’ for the show and that’s why the authorities of the channel have fired her. In the tweet she has sent, she also claimed that the other hosts of the show still remain calm and respectful because they had to.

Today, Sharon Osbourne took her verified Twitter account to decline the claims of Holly Robinson by sharing the e-mail she got from the former host of The Talk. As you will check out the e-mail below, Holly Robinson spreads great words to Sharon and shows off his gratitude for the time they have spent together.

Here is the email that was sent by Holly Robinson Peete:

“Hi, Sharon! Hope you are enjoying your time off… Miss you madly…

I have called you a few times but I haven’t heard back from you since the show aired. I’ve heard that you like everyone else at The Talk are under some sort of gag-order. A few brave souls have called me to wish me well and tell me the show is like a communist state where all are paralyzed in fear of the wrath of Julie. I have never seen anything like this in my life. The irony that you were the 1st one to “quit” and yet we end up getting fired and is just crazy…

CBS is doing behind-the-scenes damage to my career with other studios and nets… And now Les is getting in the mix commenting -completely lying defending Julie—check it out here.

Look, I know you are in a tough spot. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sting that you haven’t returned my calls but I get it. Naturally, Leah is very angry and believes you turned and are not true to your word about your feelings toward Julie. She feels you are as weak as Sara and you all have been sipping on Julie Kool-aid. But I told her that you are just looking out for yourself and scared of CBS blacklisting you like they are as right now…”

She continued:

“If you are angry that I complained to CBS about Julie and the “racist” comment I apologize but I owe it to my family to try to stop the venomous lies Julie is spreading. I am now being told I may need to take legal action to get her to stop trashing me…

Sharon, I do really appreciate you still honoring your invite to my mom and Ryan for AGT. It meant the world to Ryan. But don’t worry I promise won’t put you in any more awkward situations anymore so as not to put you in a bad space with Les and Julie…because trust me-it’s NOT a fun place to be…”

Here is what Sharon Osbourne wrote while sharing the mail:

In response to Holly Robinson Peete’s accusation of me getting her fired from The Talk, I am sharing an email sent to me from Holly one month after she was let go by CBS.

As I have stated before, I have never had the ability/authority to get anyone fired from The Talk.

You can check out the tweets and the email right below.