Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, recently appeared on the 12th episode of The Masked Show on Fox Tv.

As you might already familiar with the show that the celebrities participated in the series and perform the song they chose. After the end of their performance, the audience begins to vote and chose the winner.

Sharon Osbourne took to Twitter to share her guess with the fans. After her guess was correct, she shared a part of the show that she makes a butt slap move to celebrate it.

Here’s what Sharon Osbourne wrote:

“Absolutely, Bret Michaels! The Masked Singer”

In her another tweet:

“I told you it was Bret Michaels! The Masked Singer.”

A Twitter user named magsarty commented and said:

“Well done Mrs. O. You called it.”

Another fan named dorabledori wrote:

“You’re my idol! I love you and Ozzy so much!”

Check out the tweets below.