The prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne’s lovely wife Sharon Osbourne had a new interview with Celebrity Access Encore and slammed Ozzy’s former bandmate from his solo band, Bob Daisley really bad.

Sharon said that Bob is a sad old f—k who can not get over the fact that he’s fired.

Here is her statement:

“The bass player, Bob Daisley, has said that over the years. He’s a sad old fuck that played on two of the greatest albums in the [rock] genre, and he can’t get over the fact that we didn’t use him further. Like it was, ‘Goodbye. See ya.’

And he’s never gotten over it. And several lawsuits later — he tried to sue us three times — each time thrown out of court. Thrown out of court three times. He’s tried to change history, and it just won’t fit. It was never a band. There’s no way. It was Ozzy Osbourne.”

She also revealed the background story of the band:

“We started off in L.A. yeah. That is where Ozzyfound Randy [Rhoads]. Couldn’t find a bass player or a drummer. Bob Daisley had been working with Jet Records for awhile with Widowmaker.

He was like a session player. If you look up Bob Daisley’s list of credits, I think he was in about 12 different bands because he was a session player. So my brother said, ‘Well, we’ve worked with Bob. Why don’t you try him because he’s a good bass player?‘ And he is and was a good bass player. So we said, ‘All right, we will try him.’ Then when we couldn’t find a drummer, Bob said, ‘I have a mate, Lee Kerslake, looking for a gig’ and that’s how Lee Kerslake played on the first two records as well.”

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