Jonesy’s Jukebox podcast conducted an interview with Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon Osbourne and she talked about their upcoming event “New Year’s Eve Ozzfest”. She said:

“The reason we decided to do it was because Ozzy hates Christmas and New Year — he hates it. And usually New Year’s Eve we spend at home and go to bed before it’s actually the New Year. It’s the most anticlimactic time.

Everybody thinks something amazing is gonna happen, and all you do is end up in traffic with nowhere to go. It’s this buildup. I don’t know what people think is gonna happen, but it never does… So we just thought, well, why not do something New Year’s Eve? Then we’ve got somewhere to go. So we thought of doing an Ozzfest and inviting all our mates to come and play.

She continued:

“It’s an all-day thing. It starts outside. There’s a stage outside. Zakk [Wylde] is gonna perform outside [with his all-star Black Sabbath cover band Zakk Sabbath], and other bands. And there’s food trucks and other things to do. So we want you to come early, ’cause we’ve got snow for you. Yes, we do.

Ozzy’s gonna be performing. He’s gonna stay on stage till about quarter to one in the morning, so it’s not like come midnight, you’re thrown out. We’re doing the countdown and everything. All the guys will come on stage, everybody, and bring it in. And then Ozzy will continue his set. It’ll just be fun.

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement.