In a recent interview with “The Talk” TV Show, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne has revealed why she fought to save her marriage to Ozzy.

She said:

“Since my husband and I had troubles, we now have the same passwords, so he can look at my phone. There’s nothing except bills on mine, and I can look at his and it’s just fine. ‘Cause I have no desire to.”

She also talked on her decision to stay with Ozzy after she learned of his infidelity. Here’s the statement:

“I’m glad I didn’t give up — so glad. It’s very easy to just walk out and go, ‘I’ll be fine,’ …but [I] wouldn’t be, because I wouldn’t be with my soulmate.”

She continued:

“I look at my son and he was married five and a half years, and it’s, like, did he give up too early? Did they both give up too early? They both are happy with the situation now.

They have a good relationship with each other. They’re happy. They’re there for their children. So should either one of them have stayed?”

Click here to entire statement via Blabbermouth. You can watch the interview from below.