Legendary Pantera bassist Rex Brown spoke in an interview with Loudwire, and talked about the deaths of his bandmates, Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell.

On how he learned Vinnie’s death, he said:

“It was just another phone call of, ‘Are you sitting down?'” he said. “And I’m, like, ‘Oh my god. Who is it now?’ Never in a million years would I have thought it would be Vinnie. It’s just wild, and it’s insane.”

On Dimebag’s death, he said:

I had to reflect on it and it’s something you have to process. I learned the first time with Dime, and it took me years in therapy to get the fuck over. When those tragedies hit, you just pull your boots up as much as you can and you go.”

He continued:

“We just had a hell of a rhythm section, and it hasn’t been touched since. I don’t want to sound egotistical about it, but we were pretty fucking tight, dude… even at our sloppiest [Laughs] … even at our drunkest [Laughs].

I played along with Vinnie and to Vinnie, and Vinnie would play off of Dime. It was very integrated, and we knew exactly where each other were going to go. I think all those years we played in the clubs just made us a tighter band.

That’s why we had that big sound with the guitar, and everything just had its place. Vinnie was just an incredible drummer and I really miss the camaraderie of years past.”

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