Pantera lead single Phil Anselmo gave hints about his future projects during an interview with Drew Stone of The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live! The musician also mentioned that Rob Halford currently inspires him in terms of his vocal techniques.

The last album Phil Anselmo released as a solo musician was ‘Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue’ on January 26, 2018. The album was generally successful as it has received positive reviews from music critics who referred to the record as a sign of Anselmo’s enthusiasm for making music for a much longer time.

Since he is a musician who has been making, releasing, and playing music for over four decades, Anselmo’s musical style inevitably changed over time. Though he initially took considerable inspiration from heavy metal vocalists such as Rob Halford, Anselmo later became recognized for introducing a more guttural approach to the vocals.

However, he now aspires to practice old-school vocal style, which reminds us of his early stages as a metal vocalist. Although his music as a solo artist still manages to satisfy his listeners, Anselmo shared that he desires to practice something different during a recent interview.

Anselmo stated that he is under Rob Halford’s influence regarding his vocal style. Apparently, the rocker will be going back to the early days of his music career for his upcoming projects. He also mentioned that he wants to use his vocal skills more, just like Halford.

Pantera singer’s statement about Halford follows:

“I don’t know, man. I’m this close, man. I’m this close. I’m feeling something. We’ll see what it is. I’ve got a couple of options. I just don’t know, man. If it’s going to be metal, I want to do it old school, man. I’ve been kind of feeling more Halford lately, vocal-wise, just singing, using my range again. So, we’ll see. It’s gotta be right.”

You can watch the interview below.