One of the most talented vocalists of the era and famous member of Pantera, Phil Anselmo, was recently interviewed by Revolver Magazine and exposed his favorite heavy metal vocalist of all time.

As Philip called Judas Priest star Rob Halford as the best vocal ever lived, he had no hesitation at all. Also, he wanted to mourn late legend Ronnie James Dio by recalling his talents in the death anniversary of him.

Here is what he told:

“Hands down, Rob Halford. Absolutely. Dio. Ronnie James Dio — my Lord, what a powerful presence. Rob and Ronnie both — if you were standing on the side of the stage, they were the loudest freaking thing on that stage.

If you went around the front, they were the loudest thing on that stage. So it was amazingly powerful.”

Back in 2010, Phil had yet another interview with Antiquet and revealed what he really thinks about Ronnie James Dio:

“Ronnie James Dio was probably one of the coolest motherfuckers in the biz. A lot of people could say that and just be talking nicely, but I’m being very sincere here. Pantera first did a gig with Black Sabbath and Dio in ’93, I believe. It was in Italy. He was just the most down-to-earth motherfucker. He toked weed with us after the gig, he sent ‘War Pigs’ out to me. He was just a very, very engaging person. Really, really sweet, real down to earth.

He kept in touch throughout the years, and Down ended up playing some shows with Sabbath and Dio a couple of years ago. Once again, I just wanna let everybody know that this guy was just one of the true good guys of this entire fuckin’ business, man.”

Watch the whole interview below.

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