The frontman of Pantera, Phil Anselmo, spoke in a recent interview with The Paltrocast, and he revealed some details about the early years of his musical career.

Phil also mentioned how KISS and Van Halen affected him when he was in junior high and high school.

The interviewer asked what he really thinks about the British rock band named ‘The Smiths,’ and Phil responded:

“I was a fan, totally, since… I guess when I was 16-17 years old, for sure. Freaking awesome band, incredible band. “

Interviewer asked:

“Were you more of a KISS and Van Halen guy that evolved into The Smiths? What was your musical evolution in that sense?”

Phil responded:

“You know, I was a rock fan early, so definitely a KISS fan, Van Halen fan. And then, I guess when I was somewhere in junior high, high-school, I started meeting different people, hanging out with different crowds…

I got along with everybody, man. I was one of a handful of dudes who, by 10th-11th grade had long hair and whatnot because I was playing in bands, but I got along with everybody.

So I would hear a lot of different music, social settings and parties and stuff like that, and The Smiths were tops. Early Cure too, [1980’s] ‘Seventeen Seconds’ record and [1981’s] ‘Faith,’ those two records in particular.

Early U2, I guess if you grew up when I did, you’d see just video after video on MTV of great U2 songs, and a lot of that music back then just stuck with me. So yeah, I’ve been a fan, and that is how it happened. Rock fan first, pop fan later.”

You can listen to the entire episode below. Click here for the source.