Pantera’s well-known vocalist, Philip Hansen “Phil” Anselmo was recently interviewed by Damnation Vault’s Jenna Williams and revealed that he has ongoing problems with his true biological father for years.

As you will read Phil’s statements below, Phil tried to express his own and revealed that he thinks life is a cruel joke at all.

Here is what Phil said:

“I don’t wanna be that dude, but I do have some dad issues. I did not have a picture-perfect upbringing with my true biological father. I know a lot of people can relate to that. Those, to me, are some of the more painful songs. But I also, like everybody else at my age now — 51 — the older I get, the more brothers and sisters you just lose over time.

And it seems like this class of the ’90s heavy metal and hard rock people that I’ve grown up with, there’s a lot that is gone now. So the reality of the cruel joke that is life. It’s what you’re not supposed to think about life — meaning, we’re just going to get older, more feeble. And what are you gonna do that’s the same thing my family’s done with my father?

Ha! That shit ain’t happening. I’ll throw myself off the top of a fucking building before that happens. So, yeah, life is a joke — it’s a cruel joke.”

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