Revolver Magazine released Pantera lead vocalist Phil Anselmo’s tribute to the late Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele, which he had shared on the latter’s death anniversary, to celebrate the singer’s birthday.

Peter Steele gained great fame and popularity with his successful career in Fallout, Carnivore, and especially in Type O Negative, which he founded in 1989. Steele influenced many metal bands such as Agnostic Front and Biohazard with his skills as a songwriter and musician.

Unfortunately, the singer passed away on April 14, 2010, due to sepsis shortly after he revealed that he was experiencing problems in his heart and other organs because of his longtime alcohol and cocaine addiction. His early death made everyone sad, such as his longtime friend Phil Anselmo, who mourned Steele’s passing, saying that he had touched many people’s lives.

Thus, Anselmo wanted to share his feelings and thoughts about Steele with a statement given one year after his death. He highlighted that he was lucky to have him on his side, and he has great respect for Steele. The Pantera frontman added that he will never forget his dear friend.

In Anselmo’s words, he said:

“I can’t even begin to accumulate how many different musicians Pete touched along the way. He had the utmost respect of every New York hardcore band in the scene back in the day! He wrote songs for one of my favorite bands of the time, Agnostic Front, and he named the band Biohazard, who I consider brothers as well.

There was no way he couldn’t have touched your heart if you knew him. If Pete was on your side, he’d do anything for you, and Pete was a good guy to have on your side! He was one of a kind, and no matter how cliché that might be to say about someone after they’ve passed, it’s the truth. I loved the guy as a friend, and I respected him incredibly as a songwriter. He will be missed in this house, no doubt.”

In addition, Anselmo’s heart-touching words for Steele made their fans recall the remarkable moments they shared while performing the Type O Negative song ‘Kill All The White People’ on the stage years ago.

You can check out those moments below.