Iconic Pantera singer Phil Anselmo spoke in an interview with Damnation Vault, and revealed his thoughts about the current state of the United States of America.

He stated:

“It is a politically crazy time and everybody, depending on where you lay, wherever you sit on the ‘overton window.’

Everybody’s screaming and standing and mad. Everybody wants it their way. I think over the next few years, we’re going to see some changes, both good and bad.

We are American. We can roll with some punches. But, don’t fuck with our freedom. Especially something as freedom of speech. I see that getting argued; it’s, like, ‘Give me a break, man.’

Even the people that are bitching and moaning about ‘no free speech’ – they wouldn’t even have the option to voice that opinion for their dream to come true.

I can understand with the fighting and the violence and stuff like that, I understand that very well… But hate speech and all, I don’t believe in any of that shit.”

He also talked about his black metal collection, and said:

Yeah, man. I mean, I let it be known that Black Metal as a genre didn’t happen until 1991. Bands like Bathory, they were considered back in the day, they were just “Venom-cloned”, Celtic Frost was called Avant Garde Heavy Metal.

Yeah, so Black Metal really wasn’t a genre specifically until ’91 and then as far as I’m concerned, I know Mayhem was probably one of the first, but the band that probably really put it all on the map was Darkthrone, for me, you know?”

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