As you know, Ghost’s vocalist Papa Emeritus (Tobias Forge) fired all the other band members. Various constant speculations have been put forward on this subject.

Recently, Tobias Forge talked in an interview with Nicolas Gricourt of France’s Radio Metal and says that Ghost was never formed as a band. He said:

We never formed the band together; it was always sort of… I guess a BATHORY sort of band, where there was people playing live, and the people playing live [were] not necessarily the same that played on the records. On ‘Opus’ and [2015’s] ‘Meliora’, there’s a drummer that has never played with us live, for example.

So, from my end, it’s never really been… What some fans seem to think is not true. So, for me, it’s just a matter of… People will… further down the line, they will find out that what they’re saying or what they’re thinking is not correct, is not based upon truth, but that’s fine. It’s okay. No worries.”

He contiuned:

“Over the years, that has been convenient, obviously. But there’s always chatter. There’s been chatter about new members for years. If you look into the… you know, more of the [online] fan groups, they’ve always noted when there was a new Ghoul.

But, yeah, of course, there’s the benefit of… it doesn’t necessarily turn into a media pie-throwing contest, which is nice. Yeah, it helps. But the costumes and everything has also been the band’s curse for all these years, because that is the one thing that gets people confused when it comes to their importance.”

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