Papa Roach, Slipknot’s Sid, and Rage Against The Machine founder Tom Morello recently posted farewell messages on their social media accounts in honor of the well-known rapper DMX, who passed away on April 9, at the age of 50.

As you may know, DMX was an American rapper, actor, and songwriter who started his rapping career during the early 1990s. He achieved worldwide fame with his debut album ‘It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot‘ which he released in 1998 and was a great commercial success as it sold 251,000 copies within its first week of release.

Even though he was a rapper, DMX got to meet a lot of rockstars and had a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. Unfortunately, on April 2, DMX was rushed to the hospital after he had a heart attack at his home, resulting from a drug overdose. Although he tried to fight for his life, he passed away a week later and left his loved ones heartbroken.

After receiving this heartbreaking news, numerous iconic rock figures and bands expressed their sadness through their social media accounts. Papa Roached praised DMX for being a ‘raw, transparent, authentic, and unique artist.’ Slipknot’s DJ Sid bid farewell to the iconic rapper by saying that he is ‘God’s warrior now.’

One of the most meaningful messages came from Tom Morello who told a funny story about that one time in 2002 when he got to hang out with DMX in his car. They bumped into each other at a bar on Sunset Strip when Morello was with Rick Rubin. DMX invited them to his car to listen to some songs, and while Rubin sat next to DMX, Morello sat in the backseat, next to one of DMX’s ferocious pit bulls.’

Morello recalled that the dog was standing just two inches away from his face, gnarling and waiting for him to do a false move. So, while Rubin and DMX were jamming in the front seats, Morello was barely breathing. He recalled this funny memory and bid farewell to one of his favorite musicians by saying ‘I’ll certainly never forget that night nor will I forget DMX’s great music and electric live shows.’

Here’s what Papa Roach said in their tweet:

“RIP DMX. What a raw, transparent, authentic, and unique artist. One in a million.”

This is what Sid Wilson said:

You’re GOD’s warrior now, DMX.”

And Tom Morello told this story:

“Rest In Peace DMX. I was a huge fan of his and one night in 2002 Rick Rubin and I met him at the Saddle Ranch, a tourist country & western bar on the Sunset Strip. He was shooting pool in the back and wanted to play us some songs in his car. Now DMX was known for many things but at the time the top two were 1. Being a great rapper and 2. Having a lot of ferocious pit bulls around.

So, we climb into his cream-colored Lincoln Navigator in the parking lot. Rick & DMX are in the front seat. I’m in the backseat WITH THE BIGGEST ANGRIEST MOST TENSE UN-NEUTERED PITBULL ON THE PLANET. This dog is two inches from my face and hyper tense and snarling waiting for me to make one false move in HIS backseat. So Rick & DMX are happily banging their heads furiously and shouting along to the thundering hip hop beats and I’m in back as still as a mouse not daring to flinch lest I be mauled. Anyway, I’ll certainly never forget that night nor will I forget DMX’s great music and electric live shows.”

You can check out Papa Roach, Sid Wilson, and Tom Morello’s posts below.

Photo Credit: Sid Wilson – Instagram
Photo Credit: Tom Morello – Instagram