Photo: Matt Bishop

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix and drummer Tony Palermo has shared their thoughts on decline of hard rock and metal in a recent interview with Global News magazine.

Interviewer said “how do you think you’ve managed to stay relevant with the decline of hard rock and metal” and Tony responded:

It’s hard to, because the listeners nowadays have so much to work with. They can only do 10 seconds of a song at a time. So you gotta try and capture the listener. I feel that we still do that.”

Jacoby added:

With great music and an even better live show. Something that’s been an integral part of our careers. When we get up there and play these hits, people go, “Oh f**k, I remember that from that year,” so we’re now shaping up to be one of those legacy bands.

We’re becoming the soundtrack for some of these people’s lives and continue to do so. We look at our demographic now and know there’s a future for P. Roach, because it’s still thriving with this youth culture. It’s all kids in the front row. Most of them probably weren’t even born when our s**t dropped.”

Tony talked again and said:

“It was a cool thing to actually get some face time and create a fellowship with people in the music biz. We don’t want to just be a name on a piece of paper or a pitch. We want to get people invested.”

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Papa Roach’s new album “Who Do You Trust?” will be released on January 18, 2019 via Eleven Seven Music. You can listen their recent single track “Not The Only One” from below.