Papa Roach singer and also long-time fronting member of the band, Papa Roach, was the latest interview guest of Metal Hammer, and he talked about one of the biggest hits of the band: ‘Last Resort.’

Jacoby Shaddix shared the background story of their most-anticipated song ever and stated that the song is telling the story of how his best friend has tried to kill himself when he was just 17-years-old.

Here is what he said:

“A lot of people back in the day thought ‘Last Resort was about me – because I wrote it in the first person, but it was actually at the time about one of my best friends.

I lived with him, and he attempted suicide as I was living with him, and that was really traumatic for me to be around because I’m a 17-year-old kid, and one of my best buds tried to kill himself.

That was just fucking heavy. Heavy on me, and all of our friend circle. And so I just felt like at the time of writing, digging in and talking about my emotions, that was one of the things I needed to write about.”

Papa Roach star also talked about their Grammy-nominated single ‘Broken Home’:

“I remember working on this one – we would record our demos on a little boom box, with shitty audio. But I had this little cassette player, and I’d listen to it while I was working.”I was just really into digging into my emotions and feelings at this point in time.

Because beforehand, it was just kind of singing about nonsense, and this song was just about my childhood and this brokenness that I had inside myself, this hole in my heart growing up in a broken home and not having my father in my life, and that was a real struggle for me as a kid, and as a young adult.”

He continued:

“I had to put it in the music to kind of like be at peace with it, you know, ‘I know this is what I’ve been through, but I understand.

There’s a lyric in the song that says, it’s something to the effect of like, ‘I understand the way you are because your father did the same to you.’

Like, it’s just a repeating cycle. And so I think that when I had that realization, it was really important for me. And I think putting it in the music was healing.”

You can check out both singles below.

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