Paramore vocalist and keyboardist Hayley Williams revealed her opinions about 2020 by sharing a new post on her official Instagram account and showed how hard this year has been for her.

In the caption, Hayley wrote that there were lots of tragedy and sadness around her life since the start of the coronavirus outbreak and mentioned the stress that she has been going through in these tough days.

Furthermore, Hayley shared her goodwill for her followers and hoped that they could solace in songs or communicating with their friends. Moreover, Hayley warned the fans about wearing a mask and protecting themselves from the danger of the coronavirus.

Additionally, Williams pointed out that she is so grateful to the bands and musicians for their music which kept her mentally in a great spot during the lonely and tiring moments of her life in 2020.

Here is what Hayley Williams wrote:

“2020. What did you learn, are you still learning? Felling a bit sad. Personally, a lot of tragedy and sadness around at the moment and less personal, a lot of stress, not only mine but the weight of what we all carry, collectively. I hope you are finding solace in songs or conversations with a friend or in nature.

Please remember to wear a mask for yourself and others. I have to remind myself, constantly, to stay diligent. People are still dying and losing their livelihoods. We can do some things to help, and we should do those things with grace and humility. If I’m learning anything, it’s to protect my softness.

Not let it all harden me to stone, easier said than done when feeling is exhausting. Very thankful today for bands and artists that keep me company in, otherwise lonely, tired moments.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Hayley Williams – Instagram