Paramore’s founder, frontwoman, and songwriter, Hayley Williams, recently posted a video from one of the recording sessions of one of her new songs from her new album ‘FLOWERS for VASES / descanoswhich reminded her fans of the vocal sessions that she would post when working on a new Paramore song.

There is no doubt that Hayley Williams is one of the most famous and influential figures in the 21st-century rock scene and even though she achieved mainstream success as the founder and frontwoman of the well-known rock band Paramore, she decided to distance herself from rock and shift to indie music for her solo career.

Williams released her highly anticipated debut solo album ‘Petals for Armor‘ on May 8, 2020, and it was a huge success and she was soon after that awarded the ‘Best Alternative’ MTV EMA award. Less than a year later, on February 5, Williams released her second album ‘FLOWERS for VASES / descanos‘ which was also highly appreciated by both fans and critics.

With her recent tweet, she demonstrated how she did the vocal sessions for her new album. In the video, she can be seen standing far away from the microphone and singing the lyrics of ‘Just A Lover‘ in a rather high-pitched voice. This really interested her fans who asked her why she’s so far away from the microphone while commenting on her talents as a vocalist.

It seems like the reason why Hayley Williams is standing so far away from the microphone is because that’s the recording of the background vocals in the song. When you listen to ‘Just A Lover’ closely, you can hear two vocals both of which are Hayley Williams, but while the lead vocal is more stable and calm, the background vocal is more aggressive and emphatic.

Aside from the technicalities of the vocal sessions, some fans also commented under her recent post in relation to Paramore. Some of her fans recalled the times when Hayley would post similar videos from her recording sessions for Paramore songs such as ‘Still Into You.’ While some fans said that they miss Hayley as she was in Paramore, others supported her wish to pursue a solo career and went on to encourage her.

Here’s what Hayley Williams said in her recent tweet:

Stream my new album thanks.”

This is what a fan asked:

“Why are you standing so far away from the mic? I need to know for science.”

To which another one responded:

“I saw in another video they were experimenting with mic placement and foley while recording so maybe it’s gonna be a filtered vocal track that hangs in the back? Idk I need to know too lol.”

And here’s what another fan commented while adding a video of Hayley Williams recording ‘Still Into You’.

We gonna miss you Hayley Williams recording ‘Still Into You’ video.”

You can check out the tweets and listen to ‘Just A Lover’ below.