The frontwoman of the Tennessee-based rock band Paramore and a successful businesswoman, Hayley Williams has displayed the gladsome change she did for her house after living there for three years, yet, something about her post, showing off her home, disturbed a fan immediately.

The iconic vocalist and keyboardist, Hayley Williams, has been quite interested in house decoration for a while now. A few days ago, she has given the news that she created a candle that smells like the home she describes in a couple of the songs from her debut studio album, ‘Petals For Armor.’

Collaborating with Apotheke Community, Williams made a candle called ‘Sanctuary,’ which smells like her home, as Hayley Williams said. Soon after announcing her new product, Hayley came up with another pleasing update on Instagram.

The great musician said that she finally painted some walls of her home after three years. Hayley admitted that her relationship with color was strained for some time and right now it feels good to bring it back into her life. Williams didn’t forget to mention that her flat-mate, Alf the dog, seems to like the change in their home, as well.

While the majority of her fans have expressed their admiration for Williams’ taste in colors, a follower of her, whose name is Maka, remarked on something different. She complained about the fact that Hayley changed the caption of her post while she was just reading it.

Maka asked Hayley why did she change the caption by mentioning that she was halfway through. Williams has apologized to her right away with a sincere sorry. Her response was liked by over thirty of her fans on the platform.

Here’s what Hayley said in her recent Instagram post:

Took me 3 years living here but I finally painted some walls. My relationship with color was strained for some time. Feels good to bring it back into my life…

Feels personal again. Alf seems to like it too. (This post isn’t sponsored but the paint was a gift from Backdrop. Thank y’all. 🤍 Color is Road To Todos Santos).”

The fan, whose name is Maka, commented as:

“Also why did you change the caption?!?!?! I was halfway through.”

Hayley responded as:


You can see the post below.