Paramore’s founder, frontwoman, songwriter, and keyboardist, Hayley Williams, posted a photo on her Instagram account and expressed her appreciation of an inspirational female musician who she thinks of whenever she has to conjure a wisdom figure during her therapy sessions.

Hayley Williams is one of the most talented, influential, and humble female rockstars of all time. Although she’s known for her successful rock career with Paramore, in 2020 she released her highly anticipated indie-pop debut solo albumPetals for Armor‘ which was met with critical acclaim.

Hayley Williams enjoys using her social media accounts, and in specific her Twitter and Instagram accounts, to express her thoughts on music, talk about her personal life, update her fans on her upcoming projects, and sometimes pay her respects to the musicians who have inspired her during her career.

In her recent Instagram post, she celebrated the birthday of Dolly Parton who she referred to as one of the greatest musicians to ever exist. As you know, Parton is a well-known humanitarian, actress, businesswoman, and one of the most prominent figures of country music. She has been in the music industry and has been leading a successful career as a musician since her debut album ‘Hello, Im Dolly‘ which was released in 1967.

With her recent Instagram post, Hayley Williams said that although the music that she makes is not country at all, Dolly Parton has still been a huge inspiration for her. She praised her eloquent and poetic use of language in songwriting. In specific, she referred to Parton’s famous song ‘The Bridge‘ which apparently is of high importance to Hayley.

Williams also added that she really appreciates Parton’s sensitivity towards important social matters and her philanthropy and that ‘it all adds up to a pretty beautiful life lived.’ She revealed that she has never met Dolly Parton in person but said that Parton has nevertheless played an important role in her career.

Here’s what Hayley Williams said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“I know it may seem weird cause people don’t think of country when they think of Paramore or me… yet for some reason, the longer I exist in the music business, the more I look to Dolly Parton for answers. When I do therapy sessions I’m often asked to conjure up a wisdom figure and I shit you not she comes to mind every time. We’ve never even met, the way she writes, her philanthropy, the way she handles her business, her personal… It all adds up to a pretty beautiful life lived.

If you’ve never read the lyrics to ‘The Bridge‘ then you got another thing coming. She has always spoken poetically – and plainly when necessary – about important issues. Happy birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it.”

Click here to check out the photo that Hayley Williams posted on her Instagram account and you can listen to ‘The Bridge’ below.