Paramore’s founder and successful frontwoman, Hayley Williams, posted a tweet on her Twitter account in which she responded to a follower’s internalized misogyny. Then, with a follow-up tweet, she explained why she has become more sensitive towards the language she uses.

Hayley Williams is one of the rockstars who are the most active on social media. Williams often uses her Twitter account to share her news, views, and everyday life, but mostly to interact with her fans and followers. As she is so active on social media, she had previously received some criticism about the terminology that she used.

Recently, a fan mentioned Hayley Williams, saying that she hated Paramore just because their frontperson was a woman, and argued that this was a sign of internalized misogyny. To this, Hayley responded with a nice and slightly funny comment by saying that all women have experienced misogyny but that she has never heard anyone hate Paramore.

Here’s what Hayley Williams responded to a fan after she revealed that she hated Paramore because their lead vocalist was a woman:

“You’re good! I can promise you every person knows this feeling especially womxn – speaking specifically about internalized misogyny. Not hating Paramore, I never had that problem 😂”

Following that, Hayley Williams received questions about why she used the term ‘womxn’ instead of ‘women.’ To this Hayley Williams responded by explaining that in the past, she had been corrected for using the term ‘women’ while talking about cis-gendered women.

As you may know, ‘womxn‘ is a term preferred by intersectional feminists who aim to avoid perceived sexism that is embedded in the word ‘women,’ and to include transgender and nonbinary people who are often excluded from the understanding of the term ‘women.’

After receiving messages of correction from fans and followers, Hayley Williams decided to increase her knowledge of more inclusive terminology and pay attention to the comments she receives.

However, as learning has no limits, in her follow-up tweet, Hayley Williams apologized to those offended by the term ‘womxn’ and thanked the people who have been patient and helpful in her process of understanding sexist and exclusive language.

Here is what Hayley Williams said in her follow-up tweet:

“Hi! I’ve been corrected a lot when using “women” on Instagram or Twitter in the past so I began to use other terminology in an effort to be more inclusive. HOWEVER – sincere apologies to offend by using the term “Womxn.” And many thx to those patient enough to teach me forward.”

You can check out the tweets that Hayley Williams posted on her Twitter account below.