Paramore’s founder, songwriter, keyboardist, and frontwoman, Hayley Williams, posted a video on her Twitter account and said that not a lot of things make her happy in 2020, after receiving some good news.

Hayley Williams is without a doubt, one of the most talented and humble female rockstars. This year, she released her highly anticipated debut solo albumPetals for Armor‘ which was met with critical acclaim.

Hayley Williams’ new album can be characterized as indie-pop or experimental pop which came as a shock to the fans who have been following her since the formation of her rock band Paramore in 2004.

Hayley Williams was nominated as the ‘Best Alternative‘ artist in the MTV EMA awards. After receiving the good news that she was the winner, Hayley Williams posted a video on her Twitter account to thank her fans, followers, and friends.

In the video, she said that she does not make music to win awards, but that it is awesome to receive a fan-voted award, as in her opinion they are the best. She also mentioned that the last time she received an MTV EMA was 10 years ago with Paramore.

Williams continued by appreciating the support of her friends, with whom she created the song that was awarded, and by saying that this makes her feel good. She went on to add that ‘not a lot of things make me feel good in 2020‘ which matched the motto of the sweater that she was wearing which read ‘Hard Times.’

Finally, she thanked her Paramore fans and said ‘I love making art with my friends. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without either of those things’ which reflects her deep appreciation of her friends and fans.

Here is what Hayley Williams said in the video:

“Thanks so much. I don’t make music to win awards but it does feel awesome to have you guys. A vote. A fan-voted award is the best kind in my opinion. I think that the last time I accepted an EMA was ten years ago, with Paramore. So, to still be doing this and to still have support from people that I have quite literally grown up with… Just… It makes me feel good and not a lot of things make me feel good in 2020 [laughs]. I hope you’re doing well out there and taking care of yourselves.”

She continued by saying:

“Before I end this, I want to say thank you to Taylor, Joey, Daniel, Carlos, Steph, Lindsey. I made this record with you and because of you. I love making art with my friends and I wouldn’t want to live in a world without either of those things. Again, thank you Paramore fans. Paramore forever. I love you.”

You can watch the video that Hayley Williams posted on her Twitter account below.