The daughter of iconic singer Michael Jackson and indie-folk musician, Paris Jackson has responded to the recent story of the socialite and model friend of her, Paris Hilton, with a sincere reaction displaying her love.

Long-time besties, who are also the namesakes, Paris Jackson, and Paris Hilton show the close relations between each other on every occasion. As you may remember, Jackson was spotted at the birthday party of Hilton between her family members two years ago.

Having familial friendship, the two outstanding women also support each other on social media through gentle comments and lots of likes. Hilton frequently reacts to the posts of Jackson and proves she is proud of her way of thinking and positivity.

Most recently, Paris Hilton has shared an adorable picture of herself with Paris Jackson on Instagram Stories. She said that she loves Jackson and put a cute emoji with hearts. Jackson reposted this picture on her story and said she loves her, too.

Here is what Paris Hilton said in her story about Paris Jackson:

“Love you, Paris Jackson. 🥰”

Paris Jackson responded as:

Love you!

You can see the story of Paris Jackson below.

Photo Credits: Paris Jackson – Instagram Stories