Michael Jackson‘s musician daughter Paris Jackson posted several videos via Instagram stories playing an unheard song of her and showing the Jimmy Page poster on her bedroom wall.

The King of Pop Michael Jackson’s activist and musician daughter Paris Jackson has recently released the new album of her band, The Soundflowers, which was founded by Paris and her longtime boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.

While Paris Jackson was gaining success in her musical career, she had been frequently mentioning a legend’s name and his impact on her music. Paris has previously indicated her admiration for Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page on her social media accounts. She once declared her love for the iconic guitarist on Twitter by stating:

Is there a way to fall out of love with jimmy Page? asking for a friend.

Recently, Paris shared some videos via Instagram stories while she was playing an unheard song of hers. As you will see in the video below, there is a huge poster of Jimmy Page right behind Paris. She seemed to be paying respect to the Led Zeppelin legend by putting him on the focus of her videos.

You can watch the videos Paris Jackson shared via Instagram stories below.