The model and guitar player, Paris Jackson, shared a new casual message on her official Twitter account but she faced a bold claim in the comment section.

Here’s one of the most controversial things about Michael Jackson: Did he ever have any biological children? Today, Paris reacted to a claim over that matter after the message she got from a Twitter user.

First of all, Paris tweeted:

“God fucking damn it. I love my dog so much. Holy shit!”

A Twitter user, Kelsey, wrote to Paris:

“You are a white woman! I can’t believe people think you are Michael Jackson’s child.”

Paris responded with a funny meme and said:

“I so pale.”

A Twitter user, Esma, showed her support to Paris by writing:

“Paris the person doesn’t even have a real profile picture and can’t even reveal their face. It’s their insecurity which they are projecting. Please don’t bother ❤”

You can see the conversation via Twitter below.