Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson and indie-folk musician, has unveiled the details about the magical night she has spent lately.

As well as her reputation in the music industry as the daughter of iconic musician Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson has been known with her bohemian style and her dedication to mindfulness in her personal life.

She has reflected her positivity and belief in the universal order through her Instagram posts and most of her tweets. Recently, Paris has shared an interesting and fresh memory about the night she spent with her friend.

Paris Jackson revealed on her latest post on Instagram that she spent time with her close friend whom she considers to be one of the purest, healing, and divine souls she knows.

At that night they had a talk under the moon and she saw a shooting star. Right after that, an owl flew above them, she said. Paris admitted that these were the signs to show that there is magic in this world.

Here is what Paris Jackson said on her latest Instagram post:

“Tonight I spent time with a friend I consider to be one of the most pure, healing, and divine souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. As we spoke about everything under the moon, I saw a shooting star.

A few minutes later, an owl flew above us.. Bruh. Blew my fuckin’ mind. I felt so much joy in that moment.. There is magic in this world, signs from the universe, you just have to open your eyes. ♥️”

You can see Jackson’s post below.