The legendary late star Michael Jackson’s daughter and also a famous social media personality, Paris Jackson, had a recent Twitter conversation with her followers to express her feelings about being MJ’s daughter.

You might read the tweets right below that Paris is very annoyed with the fact that everything she does on social media is being related to his dad, including the Radiohead lyrics she wrote earlier.

Here is what a fan named Marie wrote:

“Does it bother you that many of us sometimes don’t know those songs and think they are your tweets?”

Paris Jackson responded:

“Not at all but what did bother me was I tweeted Radiohead lyrics the other day and like 30 people still managed to make it about my dad lmao.”

Another follower named Catherine wrote this:

“Lol… I think you could quote anything–like literally–and we would all find a way to make it about your dad hahahahaha “Old McDonald had a farm”, “MJ had some farm animals.”

You can check out these tweets below.