Australian singer and songwriter Sia posted a new tweet on her official Twitter account to celebrate the latest single of Paris Jackson by spreading great words, but some of the fans didn’t think in the same way with her.

The debut EP of Paris Jackson’s band, The Soundflowers, was released in the last weeks. However, Paris’ step into her own musical career turned into a matter of controversion due to the latest disclosure of his father Michael Jackson, and his pedophile past.

It became the hardest for Paris to mark her own works distinctly and beyond his father’s shadow in the music industry. On the one hand, she also has many supporters, including the talented musician Sia. The other day, Sia tweeted to show that she is there to support Paris and said:

Dear Paris Jackson, I love you, keep going. I believe you are a good person.”

Unfortunately, some fans were intrigued by Sia’s tweet and blamed her by being a hypocrite. They reminded Sia that she stood against Michael Jackson’s brute acts and found her tweet insincere for this reason. Sia clarified her thoughts by replying:

“I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the meaning of hypocrisy. I can believe one thing about one person and anything different about their child, holding complete objectivity. My dream for Paris is she get to live her own life, based on her own dreams and her own experiences.”

She also added:

“I do not support the Jackson’s, nor do I believe they’ve been very supportive of Paris in her recovery. I send my deepest compassion and light to Paris, Prince and blanket. I do not begrudge them the right to have loved and been loved by their father.”

At the same time Paris Jackson coped with the comment of a fan who tried to villainize Sia by saying ‘Do you not know what she did?’, meaning her attitude about Michael Jackson. Paris said to the fan:

“No, i don’t spend time on my phone looking at what celebrities do and say. I barely go on social media and definitely don’t look at tabloid shit. So no I’m not up to date on the latest gossip.”

She also answered Sia’s tweet directly and wrote this:

“I was just watching one of your music videos yesterday. wild. got a lot of inspiration from your work in the contemporary dance video we did that’s coming out soon. Thank you for the love xxo.”

You can see Sia and Paris’ tweets right below.