Michael Jackson’s daughter and also talented indie-folk musician Paris Jackson has shared a couple of new videos on her official Instagram Stories and celebrated her ex-girlfriend Cara Delvingne‘s 28th birthday.

Over several months at the beginning of 2018, Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne seemed to had affair until Cara had been linked to the TV star of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and also beautiful actress, Ashley Benson.

While celebrating her ex-girlfriend’s 28th birthday and having a great time at home, it seems that the couple has managed to stay friends. However, Paris has put a heart emoji on the celebration message and confused fans’ minds somehow.

You can watch the merged version of Paris’ two of the latest Instagram Stories below.

Last month, Paris Jackson has posted yet another video on her Instagram Stories while playing a little-known song of her and showed the Jimmy Page poster that places on her room’s ball.

While Paris did not say anything about the poster, according to the size of it, Paris has huge admiration for the iconic Led Zeppelin guitarist and showed her respect in this way.

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