Paris Jackson, who is the daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson, flaunted her new tattoo by sharing a new photo on the official Instagram account and showed how a talented person she is once again.

As you might already know, Paris is a model and singer that can do both of these jobs at the same time. Moreover, she likes to tattoo her body and some of them are made by herself.

About two months ago, Paris made a new tattoo on her left arm and drew a small human next to the Pine Tree, which is also the cover of the Manchester Orchestra’s ‘A Black Mile To The Surface’ album.

Today, she made a new tattoo next to that lovely piece of art and draw something looking like an alien, which also looks similar to the cover photo of Jack Stauber’s ‘Finite Form’ album. After showing off this tattoo, Paris wondered if Jack would love it or not and said that she made this tattoo herself.

Here is what Paris Jackson said:

“Y’all think Jack Stauber will like it? I did it myself.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram