Paris Jackson is kind of a person that posts many things on social media for a day-long and disappears for a long period of time.

Michael Jackson’s iconic daughter and also pop-folk musician, Paris Jackson has shared a bunch of new tweets on her verified Twitter account today and shared many things using a hashtag named ‘#thesexualtensionbetween.’

After being silent on her Twitter account for almost ten days, Paris took to her social media page again and sent a lot of tweets about the sexual tension between things. While she has mentioned the weird relationship between her biker friends and the bees, she used that hashtag to remind the issue.

Here are the tweets of Paris that she used #thesexualtensionbetween hashtag:

“…me and the idea of overusing synthesizers on my next project.

vegans and honey.

…all my biker friends and the bees that constantly hit them on the highway.

…Radiohead and Cosplay.

…the south and the American flag.”

After sending the latest tweet about the American flag. She added yet another tweet to give credit to the famous Twitch and Twitter phenomenon ‘HasanAbi’ for the inspiration.

“I’ll give partial credit to HasanAbi because of this.”

You can check out all of the latest tweets of Paris Jackson below.