Michael Jackson’s daughter, the model, and a folk-rock musician, Paris Jackson, recently shared a new video on her Instagram account which is the trailer of the upcoming season of ‘The American Horror Story’ that she played as Maya.

You may know that ‘The American Horror Story’ is one of the most popular horror series of United States history. The first episode of the series was released in 2011 and 103 unique episodes of the series released so far. The upcoming season of the series named ‘Double Feature will be on air on August 25, 2021, and one of the actresses who will be on it is MJ’s daughter Paris Jackson.

Right after sharing the teaser, over 100K follower of Paris liked the video including her brother Prince, and the member of Til Death Do We Part, Johnnie Guilbert. Johnnie also stated that he’s excited to watch the show and it looks great so far.

Paris Jackson shared her thoughts saying:

“I remember as a young teen watching season by season, always wanting to see my name, in this font, to this theme song… The amount of gratitude I have is fucking unreal. hope you guys enjoy, get scared, and get hooked.”

You can watch the teaser of the new season below.