Michael Jackson‘s activist and musician daughter Paris Jackson shared a statement about her dear friend Paris Hilton who claimed she was abused at a boarding school and started a campaign to shut it down.

The famous media-personality and businesswoman Paris Hilton revealed an unknown incident that happened while she was a teenager in her new documentary ‘This is Paris,’ as well as in an interview with People magazine last month.

According to Hilton’s claims, she was abused at Provo Canyon School while she was staying there as a teenager. Paris also started a Change.org petition to have the school closed. The official statement made by the school suggested since Provo Canyon School was sold by its previous ownership in August 2000, they couldn’t comment on the previous operations.

Recently, Paris Jackson shared a statement via Instagram stories to show her support for her dear friend Paris Hilton and her campaign to shut down the Provo Canyon School. In her statement, Jackson revealed she also went to a boarding school while she was a teenager and she had been suffering from the consequences of her trauma ever since.

Furthermore, Paris Jackson asserted she was diagnosed with PTSD caused by her time at the boarding school and continued to have nightmares from time to time. Paris urged her fans to support Hilton’s campaign to shut down Provo Canyon School and keep going to protect others from what she referred to as child abuse.

Here’s what Paris Jackson stated:

I stand with Paris Hilton and all the survivors. #BreakingCodeSilence

As a girl who also went to behavior modification ‘boarding school’ for almost two years as a teenager, and has been since diagnosed with PTSD because of it, and continue to have nightmares and trust issues, I stand with Paris Hilton and the other survivors. Let’s start with Provo but not stop there.

The other girls I’m still friends with to this day that went to the boarding school with me all the same symptoms of PTSD and nightmares and trust issues. This is child abuse.”

You can see the statement Paris Jackson posted via Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram