In a recent interview with Brave Words, Paul Di’Anno expressed his feelings for Bruce Dickinson‘s versions of Iron Maiden songs, stating that it was strange to watch but still good.

Former Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di’Anno was the first to sing on the band’s early recordings. The group was on the cusp of a breakthrough when Di’Anno decided to leave. The singer has also struggled with several health issues in recent years.

He reportedly had surgery on his lungs in 2016 and recently had knee surgery with the help of his fans and the Iron Maiden team, which paid for the remaining expenses of the last year’s fundraiser.

Although Bruce Dickinson started his career in small pubs, he became a household name when he became a part of Iron Maiden and replaced Di’Anno. He was a part of the band for twelve years, and he decided to leave to pursue a solo career and explore himself outside of Iron Maiden though he returned later.

It was a big deal for Dickinson to sing the songs Di’Anno sang for the first time, as Dickinson was the person who replaced him after he left Iron Maiden. In the conversation, the former lead singer said that Dickinson could pull it off, and his voice sounded good. Di’Anno added that the two have distinct voices that set them apart. He also stated that it was a bit strange to hear him sing Iron Maiden songs that he was once a part of the band.

About hearing Dickinson in Iron Maiden, Paul Di’Anno stated:

“It’s alright. Well, two different voices. He’s quite well actually, but there’s no way I could beat going through ‘The Number of the Beast’ or something like that. We’ve got two different voice talents. But yeah, it did seem a bit strange but it was good, still good.”

You can watch the interview below.