Paul Gilbert, who legendary guitarist, shared his ideas about the guitar string bending. In 2013, he talked his lesson video.

In his opinion, if you are not bending on guitar, you might as well be hardpsichord player. It’s mean, you are not actually real guitar player.

He says:

“It’s so satisfying as a guitar player to play stuff that’s related to the blues. Because if you’re not bending, you might as well be a harpsichord player. With bending you get to pretend you’re a vocalist, even if you’ve got a lousy voice.

My gauges are changing all the time, because it really depends on the state of my calluses. If I’m a couple of weeks into a tour and I’ve got some good calluses, if I’ve done a couple sweaty gigs in a row and my calluses have been destroyed, I’ll go as light as .008s, sometimes I’ll got as heavy as .011s. And not only gauge, but for acoustic guitar sometimes i really like to use a plain G.”

You can watch below the interview.