American rock and heavy metal guitarist, Paul Brandon Gilbert, was recently interviewed by Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Beckner this week and answered many questions from is there any techniques he’s been working on to perfect his style as well as the biggest lesson he had in classes.

As you may already follow Paul’s career, he was selected as the fourth-best guitarist of the history in GuitarOne Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time.’ His latest solo album named ‘Werewolves Of Portland’ will be released on June 4, 2021, and it’s now available for pre-order.

According to the official press release, the new album of Gilbert will feature ten never-released-before tracks and Paul plays all instruments on this album including drums, keyboards, bass, and guitar. Fans can buy the album for the price of $12.99 as Vinyl/CD. In his latest interview with UG, Paul explained how being in a teaching class makes him a better guitar player too.

“One of the things is that I don’t make anyone do any reading, or do tabs or anything, I think there are some [tabs] on there, but I always teach by a small musical example so you can focus on it and you don’t have to memorize a lot.

And I always make everybody count to four and stomp when they play. There’s a learning curve to that. I practice what I preach, though – I’ve done over 10,000 video lessons and in every single one of them, I’m stomping while I play the example.

For example, take the song ‘Day Tripper’ – playing that song isn’t too difficult, but to keep time with your foot while you do that can be a whole juggle. Again, it takes a while to get used to that, but once you do, your rhythm gets so much better and you develop an eye for what riffs fit into what grooves and you can get those phrases locked in.”

He continued his statement:

“It feels so good when you lock-in and it just builds that instinct. So that was something that has taught me a whole lot. The other thing is when someone has the rhythm perfect and they have the notes, perfect, but it still doesn’t sound good. As a teacher, that’s scary because they got the two things right.

That’s when you start to realize that there are more than two things. The worst thing you can tell someone is to work on their feel. It’s correct but it’s not helpful. If I’m a teacher, I don’t feel like I’m earning my keep by telling somebody that. My job as a teacher is to break down, what is feel. I have a little checklist of things – a lot of it is contrast – you may have attacked the note in the right spot, but the ending had no intention.”

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